Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

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 To be among the leading providers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Composite cylinders by delivering a personalized standard of service that pertains to a level of excellence. 


We are committed to contribute aggressively to progress by making provision of exemplary service and quality products our priority thus ensuring customer and employee satisfaction as well as providing the company with the best financial returns and corporate image.



Our fundamental objective is to supply customers with LPG for domestic and commercial cooking and heating purposes along with uses in the motor vehicle, industrial and agricultural sectors at competitive prices. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is ongoing and through continous investment in our people and business, we are confident in maintaining and improving our successful business practice. 

The above objectives are to be achieved through:

    •  Emphasizing, enhancing and cementing our partnership with all our customers and business partners 
    • Sharing our knowledge on quality requirements with customers and business partners 
    • Consolidating our position as a leader in innovation with a special emphasis on efficiency, quality and clean environment. 
    • Working with and listening to our suppliers with regard to quality and process integration 
    • Ensuring that all employees are trained in, understand, practice and feel part of our quality management system 
    • Establishment and maintenance of a quality management system and continued improvement of its effectiveness 
    • Compliance with all other relevant requirements

Statement of Values

    • We believe in the principle of good corporate governance which include accountability, integrity, transparency, ethics and best practice 
    • We engage our business in an efficient, responsible and safe manner in order to establish long-term benefits to our employees, customers, shareholders and the society 
    • We insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business practices and expect the same from our contractors, suppliers and stakeholders 
    • We have the responsibility to develop and protect the investments and interests of our shareholders in line with their expectations  
    • We are a responsible corporate citizen in every country we operate in, observing the principles of law, health, safety and environment and are committed to contribute to sustainable development
    • We abstain from participation in either national or international political matters