Our Product


 The composite Safe gas cylinders are designed as the modern and safer alternative to the traditional steel cylinders and are suitable for industrial, commercial, domestic and recreational use. This innovative and superior Safe gas cylinder is made from advanced polymeric seamless liner, which is then wrapped with composite fibers. This ensures a safer, stronger, more durable and user friendly product. In addition, all composite cylinders undergo rigorous testing before leaving the manufacturer’s site. As a result, the cylinder has an outstanding safety record, and more than 9 million families and businesses worldwide that trust the product.

 Product Benefits

  • Non–Explosive: The fibre structure of the cylinder holds the pressure and prevents the burst of the pressure vessel under extreme conditions such as fire or puncture
  • Translucent: The gas level is visible at all time’s therefore avoiding surprise run outs during use 
  • Light weight:  50% lighter than steel cylinders making them easy to transport, easy to change and refill, easier to handle and lift 
  • Non-corrosive: The cylinder is rust free preventing staining of surfaces 
  • Attractive Casing: Its unique design, which is an award winner, offers the customer a variety of colours to choose from 


The Safe Gas brand has partnered with leading petroleum products providers in the country, supermarket chains and reputable distributors to ensure Safe Gas is available to all customers as and when required. We have also gone the extra mile and put in place a response team that ensures customers who require delivery services are attended to within the shortest time possible. The team consists of strategically positioned riders in designated locations who offer personalized free delivery of Safe gas.