Product Benefits



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Easy handling and translucency which allows for gas level monitoring are specially appreciated by end users at home or on the road. For industrial and business applications, corrosion resistance, added safety as well as lightness of the cylinder allows for easy handling and stacking for transportation. This translates to logistics savings and reduced operator workload which leads to more efficient processes and lower maintenance costs.

Benefits for the end consumers

    • Lightweight: 50% lighter than steel containers, easy to transport, easy to change and refill, easier to handle and lift.
    • Safety: Non-explosive. Non-corrosive materials that will not stain surfaces.
    • Translucency: Gas level is visible at all times. In addition, it offers a visual guarantee that the cylinder is full on initial purchase.
    • Casing: Attractive and unique design (award winner), resistant and durable construction.
    • Practical: Available in different colours for different uses to suit applications such as cooking, barbecuing, camping and as a lighter alternative for recreational vehicles (RV’s).